Accessory products

Adhesive removers – spray

Provide a clear barrier between the skin and appliance adhesive.

Skin may be pink on removal of pouch and can be eased by adhesive remover.

Spray for initial pouch removal in short bursts, leave for ten seconds and then remove pouch.

StoCare Remove Medical Adhesive Remover Spray
  • STC100 (£6.00 = 50ml)
Convatec Niltac®
  • TR101 (£8.70 = 50ml)
Elite Sting Free Adhesive Remover Spray
  • TR201 (6.98 = 50ml)

Skin fillers and protectives

Provide a clear barrier between the skin and appliance adhesive.

Wipes – wipe it over the skin to remove residue and then cleanse the skin with water.

Assess technique, especially removal of pouch. If this is the likely cause of trauma suggest adhesive remover. Ensure that the appliance template is still correct and adjust accordingly.

Protective wipes

Pelican Protect Wipes
  • 133004 (£25.45 = 30)

Protective Barrier Wipes

Medi Derma-S® barrier film wipes


Apply to wet, excoriated skin to promote healing and enhance pouch adhesion. Also useful to promote desloughing of small areas e.g. stoma suture points. Apply a thin layer and dust off any excess.

Convatec® Orahesive powder
  • S106 (£2.46 = 25g)
Adapt® Stoma Powder
  • 7906 (£2.60)


  • S103 (£2.12 = 30g)


  1. Apply to mucocutaenous separation/peristomal wounds – will adhere to moist surface and provide protection from stoma effluent. Product adheres to wet skin and will promote healing
Stomahesive® paste

(contains alcohol)

  • S205 (£7.68 = 50g)
Oakmed® Stoma Paste

(contains less alcohol)

  • SP008 (£7.55 = 56g)

Pastes can be used to fill skin creases and crevices to give a level plane on which to apply appliance. Can also be applied direct on to flange of appliance and moulded around aperture using a wet finger. Pastes containing alcohol should not be applied to broken skin.


Provide a seal between appliance and skin. Protective seals are useful for providing adhesion over wet, broken skin or to give extended wear time of appliances (e.g. for patients with urostomies or high output stomas). Stretch to size so as to fit snugly around stoma.

Choose a seal that will fit the area of skin soreness.

Cohesive® Slims (Pelican)
  • Small 48mm 839005 (£57.00 = 30)


  1. Adhere well to moist skin
Brava® Protective Seal
  • 2.5mm thickness
    • 18-48mm 12035 (£57.90 = 30)
    • 27-57mm 12037 (£60.00 = 30)
    • 34-64mm 12039 (£61.20 = 30)
  • 4.2mm thickness
    • 18-48mm 12045 (£58.80 = 30)
    • 27-57mm 12047 (£61.80 = 30)
    • 34-64mm 12049 (£63.30 = 30)


Duoderm Extra Thin®


  1. Useful for sealing in dressings and can be cut to any size

Adhesive discs/rings/pads/plasters - security frames and adhesive borders

These can be used to extend the adhesive area of an appliance to provide added security. Particularly useful for patients with large stomas or a para-stomal hernia, if an alternative appliance cannot be found.

They are especially appropriate for hernias.

Brava® elastic tape
  • 12070 (£13.10 = 20)
Pelican Contour Flange Extender®
  • 130860 (£19.95 = 30)


A belt is used to give extra support to the base plate to keep an appliance in place. Useful if abdomen is uneven or rounded.

Normally replaced six monthly

Ostomy support garments

These garments can be beneficial for patients to prevent parastomal herniation or for added discretion with their appliance. If a patient requires a support garment they should be assessed, measured and fitted for this by a specialist stoma nurse.

Some manufacturers also produce light support garments and underwear which are available either on prescription or to purchase.

Undergarments for patients with a stoma should not be routinely prescribed, however if required they should only be prescribed following clinical assessment and advice from the Stoma Care Specialist Nurse when there is an identified clinical need.


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