11.6 Treatment of glaucoma

NICE CG85 - Glaucoma (April 2009) provides guidance on diagnosis, treatment and ongoing monitoring for patients with chronic open angle glaucoma (COAG), and ocular hypertension. The information in this formulary is consistent with this guideline.

Key Messages

  • For patients diagnosed with glaucoma in whom medical management is appropriate prostaglandin analogues are the 1st line pharmacological therapy. If these fail to control the intraocular pressure adequately then other agents may be added or substituted if not tolerated.
  • In patients with ocular hypertension the treatment choice depends upon a combination of the corneal thickness, intraocular pressure (IOP) and the patients age. In patients aged under 60 with 'normal' corneal thickness beta blockers are the 1st line treatment. In patients with cornea thinner than 555 micrometers or an IOP greater than 32mmHg prostaglandin analogues should be used.

Consult NICE CG85 for further details including information to be provided to patients.

Treatment for glaucoma should only be started and changed by an ophthalmologist.


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