11.9 Contact lenses

  • Contact lens solutions are not allowed on FP10
  • All contact lens fitting and aftercare must be carried out by a qualified contact lens fitter, optometrist or ophthalmologist who should also give advice regarding appropriate cleaning and disinfection products.
  • Contact lenses require meticulous care. Poor compliance with directions for use and daily cleaning and disinfection can result in complications including ulcerative keratitis or conjunctivitis.
  • The provision of contact lens care products (cleaning and sterilising solutions, and case) is regarded as an integral part of the therapy in medical contact lens fitting.
  • Avoid using preparations containing preservatives with soft contact lenses.
  • Many drugs given systemically can have adverse effects on contact lens wear - see BNF for details.
  • Ointment preparations and oily eye drops should only be used following specialist advice in conjunction with contact lens wear.
  • Discontinuation of contact lens wear should be encouraged in the event of pain, redness or blurred vision with urgent assessment by a qualified optometrist or ophthalmologist.


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