13.12 Antiperspirants

Many of these products are cheap to buy and are readily available, along with advice, from pharmacies. Some self-care medicines are available in shops and supermarkets. Please click here for further information and a patient leaflet

Please refer to the commissioning policy for the treatment of focal hyperhidrosis for guidance on the treatments listed.

Drugs used but not listed here:

Aluminium chloride hexahydrate 20%
  • Anhydrol Forte roll-on applicator (£2.51 = 60ml)



  • Apply at night to dry skin, wash off the following morning. Reduce applications as symptoms allow.


  1. Advise patient that skin irritation may occur. This can be managed by:
    • The use of topical emollients and soap substitutes
    • A reduction in the frequency of application
    • Giving a short course of 1% hydrocortisone cream, for up to 2 weeks
  2. Review 1–2 months after starting treatment. If successful, it can be continued indefinitely


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