17.13.3 Hydrocolloid

Hydrocolloids facilitate rehydration and autolytic debridement and also absorb exudate and are waterproof. This group of dressings is very effective at softening and removing hard eschar. Not to be used on infected wounds, fragile skin, feet of diabetic patients or wet, sloughly wounds. Not to be used on intact skin except on osteotomy sites, for securing nasal tubes/tubes in infants and children and when using free range maggots.

Without adhesive border

DuoDERM® Extra Thin
  • 5cm x 10cm (£0.76), 7.5cm x 7.5cm (£0.80), 9cm x 15cm (£1.77), 9cm x 25cm (£2.82), 9cm x 35cm (£3.94), 10cm x 10cm (£1.32), 15cm x 15cm (£2.85)


  1. Change frequency/ wear time = every 3-7 days
  2. Thin flexible and conformable, moisture resistant
  3. Use for lightly exudating wounds – skin tears, superficial wounds and breakdown of necrotic scabs
  4. Can be used to protecting the peri-wound in Topical Negative Pressure dressings
  5. Do not use on intact skin or infected wounds

Hydrocolloid-fibrous dressings

  • Ribbon 1cm x 45cm (£1.84), 2cm x 45cm (£2.45)


  1. Locks in exudate forming a cohesive gel
  2. For use on moderately exudating wounds, not to be used on lightly exudating or dry wounds
  3. Aquacel® can sequester bacteria (locks bacteria into the fibre of the dressing) so rendering it useful to the wound bed.
  4. Take care not to select similarly named product Aquacel ag® which contains silver
Aquacel® Extra
  • 5cm x 5cm (£1.00), 10cm x 10cm (£2.38), 15cm x 15cm (£4.48)


  1. Change frequency/ wear time = every 3-7 days


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