17.13.6 Odour absorbent dressings

Charcoal helps to reduce the offensiveness of fungating and malodorous wounds. Ensure total wound surface is covered. Topical antibiotics e.g. gel and creams should not be first choice.

  • 10cm x 10cm (£1.89), 10cm x 20cm (£2.51), 15cm x 25cm (£4.05)


  1. This is a secondary dressing and is the only charcoal dressing that can be cut to size.
  • 10cm x 10cm (£3.21), 8cm x 15cm (£3.85), 15cm x 20cm (£7.30)


  1. Activated charcoal absorbent dressing with hydrofibre
  2. Should be used for the more highly exudating wounds


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