17.9 Barrier Products, Guidance for Prescribing and Use


  • Patients should be assessed holistically and re-assessed on an individual basis-consider using a barrier preparation to prevent skin damage in adults who are at risk of developing a moisture lesion or incontinence associated dermatitis as identified by a skin assessment (NICE, 2014). Please consider further guidance on soap substitutes for vulnerable skin.

Check the formulary for the preferred products

  • Medi Derma-S® barrier cream and Medi Derma-S® barrier film are the first line choice and Medi Derma- Pro® Foam and Spray Cleanser and Medi Derma-Pro® Ointment are second line choice-please see below for further guidance

Check the indication when selecting the product

  • Barrier creams, films, and foam are indicated when patients skin is at risk of damage from exposure to moisture e.g. incontinence, excess exudate, sweat. Soap substitutes are used on vulnerable skin. Medi Derma-Pro® Foam and Spray Cleanser are used to cleanse moderate to severely excoriated skin, and this is normally for short term use.

Request the appropriate quantity of barrier product

  • Barrier creams should be applied very sparingly so that skin can be seen beneath. If the skin appears oily then too much cream has been applied.

Choose the correct product size for the area to be covered-cost information please see below

  • Medi Derma-S® barrier cream
    • 2g single use sachet (x4 applications)
    • 28g tube (x56 applications)
    • 90g tube (x180 applications)
  • Use a pea sized amount of cream only. For patients with incontinence this can be applied after every third wash
  • Medi Derma-S® barrier film
    • 1ml foam applicator covers 15 x 15 cm² (packs of x5)
    • 3ml foam applicator covers 25 x 25 cm² (packs of x5)
    • 30ml, 50ml and 75ml spray/aerosol –number of applications available will depend on the individual patient and the area requiring treatment

Check the number and range of products being prescribed for the patient and are they on repeat prescription

Consider the frequency of product use, according to manufacturer's instructions

  • Medi Derma-S® barrier cream lasts up to x3 episodes of incontinence
  • Medi Derma-S® barrier film will last up to 72 hours without re-application

Indication and appropriate product

See Liquid barrier cream and film section for pack sizes and cost

A quick guide for appropriate product selection can be found here.


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