17.19 Compression bandages

For information on the correct management of leg ulcers please see the leg ulcer management policy and guidelines. No form of compression must be used without full assessment including Doppler. Compression bandaging must only be undertaken by practitioners who have completed the relevant training and competencies as stated by employing organization. See SIGN (2010) 120: Management of chronic venous leg ulcers, for current recommendations as advised by NICE.

Sub-compression wadding bandage

  • Padding, absorbent, 3.5m unstretched (£0.45), 4.5m unstretched (£0.57)


  1. K-soft 4.5m is a formulary choice to allow effective pleating and shaping to provide additional protection of bony prominences prior to the compression being applied.

Multicomponent compression bandaging

  • 4.5m stretched: 5cm (£0.55), 7cm (£0.76), 10cm (£1.00), 15cm (£1.45)
  • Long 5.25m stretched 10cm (£1.14)


  1. For use in 4-layer compression system
  2. Reduced compression
  • 8.7m stretched, 10cm (£2.27)
  • Extensible bandage, 3m (unstretched), 10cm (£2.82)


  1. To be used in place of K-Lite and K-Plus if ankle circumference is greater than 25cm. Is applied in a spiral method with 50% overlap.
  • 10cm x 6m (£3.01), 10cm x 7m (£3.45)
  • Bandaging kit 25-30cm ankle circumference (£6.83), greater than 30cm ankle circumference (£9.41)

Short stretch bandages

Short stretch compression bandaging is used to help reduce oedema and promote healing of venous leg ulcers. They are also used to reduce swelling associated with lymphoedema.

These dressings are applied at full stretch over padding, which protects areas of high pressure and sites at high risk of pressure damage.

  • Bandage, cohesive, 6m (all), 4cm (£2.38), 6cm (£2.79), 8cm (£3.21), 10cm (£3.33), 12cm (£4.24)

Two component compression bandaging


(Multi-layer compression bandage kit) (£6.95 - £11.35) (All sizes)

  • UrgoKTwo®
  • UrgoKTwo® Reduced
  • UrgoKTwo® with UrgoStart®


  1. Available in various sizes and latex free versions
Actico 2C®
  • Inelastic (short stretch) two component compression bandaging system 18-25cm (£7.95) and 25-32cm (£8.95) ankle circumference


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