17.17 Wound care accessories

Dressing packs

Dressing packs are to be used when clinically indicated, e.g. post-surgical wounds ( NICE guidelines CG74). For staff employed by Northern Devon Healthcare Trust supplies of dressing packs will be ordered through web basket not via FP10.

Nurse it dressing pack
  • Per pack (£0.55)

Woven and fabric swabs

Non-woven fabric swabs
  • Non-sterile, 4 ply 10 x 10cm (£0.84 = 100 swabs)
  • Sterile, 4 ply 7.5 x 7.5cm (£0.27 = 5 swabs)


  1. Gauze should not be used as the primary contact dressing, as it is dry and sheds fibre
  2. Gauze is not recommended as a secondary dressing (gauze tubing such as Tubegauze® – not available on FP10 - is appropriate as secondary dressing on digits).
  3. Sterility is not required for cleaning around a wound; use a non-sterile fabric swab.
  4. Remove fabric swabs from the packet before contact with patient to avoid contamination of the remaining supply.
  5. Fabric swabs do not promote moist wound healing.
  6. If extra gauze is required remove required swabs from packet before contact with patient to avoid contamination of the remainder.
  7. This guidance does not relate to gauze-based topical negative pressure wound therapy systems.
  8. On prescription this needs to be written as non-woven fabric swab.

Surgical adhesive tapes

  • 5m - 1.25cm (£0.35), 2.5cm (£0.59), 5cm (£0.99)
  • 10m - 2.5cm (£0.73)
  • 5m - 2.5cm (£1.03), 5cm (£1.81), 10cm (£2.90), 15cm (£3.95), 20cm (£5.07), 30cm (£7.27)


  1. Mefix® conforms to body contour. It has a high tensile strength and provides secure fixation in areas/wounds where this is required.

Skin closure strips, sterile

  • 6.4mm x 76mm (3 strips per envelope) (£6.31 = 10 envelopes)

Dressing protector

Seal-tight® Wound care protector
  • All sizes (£10.50)


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