Catheter valves

These may be used as an alternative to a leg bag. Valves should be changed every 7 days. They may be attached to a night bag to allow drainage overnight.

During the day the valve will need to be opened at regular intervals as per patient assessment.

It is essential that a full assessment is carried out prior to valve use, ensuring that the patient fully understands. Cognitive function and dexterity need to be considered when assessing for a catheter valve.

If the patient has no bladder sensation please discuss with the Bladder and Bowel care team.

Catheter valves should be changed every 5-7 days. No more than one packet (5) should be prescribed every month

Prosys® sterile catheter valve (CliniSupplies Ltd)
  • PCV3942 (£9.50 = 5, £1.90 each)


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