Urinal systems

There are additional appliances available on prescription that may help an individual to retain continence such as urinals and bedpans. Please check these in the Drug Tariff.

Male funnels may be helpful for individuals to direct urinary flow into the toilet.

Female urinals, to which a non-sterile catheter leg bag can be attached, are available on prescription. These should be replaced on a six monthly basis.

Urinal systems

Bridge Saddle urinal
  • Order code 6-26 (£14.28)
Bridge urinal
  • Order code 6-18 (£14.28)
  • With tap, order code 6-18T (£14.28)
Male drainage jug
  • Order code 6-50 (£14.28)
  • With tap, order code 6-50T (£14.28)


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