7.4.4.Bladder instillations and urological surgery

For information on solutions used for bladder infection, dissolution of blood clots, bladder cancer and interstitial cystitis see current BNF.

  • Irrigation solution 1.5%
Sodium hyaluronate
  • 40mg/50ml

Catheter patency solutions

Please refer to Chapter 18 Continence, catheter patency (maintenance) solutions

Citric acid should not be used without consulting the Bladder and Bowel Service.

Uro-Tainer® saline

(Sodium chloride)

  • Irrigation solution 0.9%, 50ml (£3.51)
Uro-Tainer® Twin Suby G

(Citric acid)

  • Irrigation solution 3.23%, 2 x 30ml (£4.81)
Uro tainer® Twin Sol R

(Citric acid)

  • Irrigation solution 6%, 2 x 30ml (£4.81)


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