17.2.3 Soft polymer dressings

Dressings with soft polymer, often a soft silicone polymer, in a non-adherent or gently adherent layer are suitable for use on lightly to moderately exuding wounds. For moderately to heavily exuding wounds, an absorbent secondary dressing can be added, or a soft polymer dressing with an absorbent pad can be used.

Without absorbent pad

Cuticell® Contact
  • 5cm x 7.5cm (£1.11), 7.5cm x 10cm (£2.13), 10cm x 18cm (£4.43), 15cm x 25cm (£7.43)


  1. Where a soft silicone coated polyester non-adherent wound contact dressing is indicated Cuticell® contact is the formulary choice rather than Mepitel®
  2. Does not stick to a moist wound, only surrounding skin and does not damage newly formed granulating tissue or epithelial cells
  3. Specialist areas such as A&E, MIU and Plastics will often use Mepitel®, when wounds are re-assessed Cuticell® contact should be considered as a suitable alternative
  4. In the case of topical negative pressure to line vessels, ligaments and tendons, Cuticell® contact would be the preferred option
  5. Can be used when low adherence is required
  6. Useful for fragile, delicate skin, skin tears, children, epidermolysis bullosa (EB)
  7. Change frequency/ wear time = up to 14 days
Last updated: 30-01-2020


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