17.5.2 Wound drainage pouches

Wound drainage appliances can be used in the management of wounds and fistulas with significant levels of exudate, where conventional dressings would need to be changed more frequently.

The volume of wound drainage is determined by the surface area and type of the wound; large wounds like skin donor sites or burns frequently have a much greater volume of wound drainage. However, as the healing progresses, the wound drainage of any size or type of wound usually decreases.

Wound drainage appliances are to be prescribed on the advice of a registered nurse following their assessment of the wound / fistulae, for further information on suitability of other wound drainage appliances please contact Tissue Viability.

Topical negative pressure wound therapy can be employed on wounds that are painful and have significant drainage, see section 17.6.1 Topical negative pressure therapy

Draina S® (B. Braun Medical Ltd) (Biotrol)
  • Wound drainage pouch
    • Mini (Cut to 30mm) (H08560E) (Pack of 30 = £79.95)
    • Medium (Cut to 50mm) (H28555E) (Pack of 20 = £79.71)
    • Large (Cut to 88mm) (H28566E) (Pack of 20 = £98.03)


  • Mini: for the management of wounds <30mm with a low volume of exudate
  • Medium / Large: for the management of wounds up to 88mm with a medium/high volume of exudate


  1. Do not use if a conventional dressing can manage the exudate levels
  2. Indicative volumes: Mini (75ml), Medium (150ml), Large (300ml)
  3. Not suitable for repeat prescribing systems
  4. Change frequency/ wear time = maximum of 7 days
Last updated: 30-01-2020


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