17.7.1 Dressing packs

Dressing packs are to be used when clinically indicated, e.g. post-surgical wounds NICE NG125: Surgical site infections: prevention and treatment (April 2019).

For staff employed by Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust, supplies of dressing packs will be ordered through web basket not via FP10.

When considering prescribing/recommending a dressing pack, remember:

  • Dressing packs should only be used where clinically indicated and in line with employing organisation policies, procedures and guidelines
  • There is no component of any dressing pack which should be left in permanent contact with the wound
  • Dressing packs containing cotton wool balls should not be used due to fibre-shed.

Non-drug tariff specification sterile dressing packs

Nurse-it dressing pack
  • Dressing pack (£0.55 each)
  • Contains latex-free, powder-free nitrile gloves, sterile laminated paper sheet, large apron, non-woven swabs, paper towel, disposable bag, compartmented tray, disposable forceps, paper measuring tape
Last updated: 30-01-2020


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