Appropriate dressing selection

The key to successful wound management is high quality, evidence based, consistent management and treatment by trained and skilled practitioners.

Dressing products must be chosen to suit a particular wound and individual patient needs at a particular stage of healing. The ideal dressing should provide the optimum environment for wound healing and protection from further injury and/or infection.

The ideal dressing needs to ensure that the wound remains

  • moist with exudate, but not macerated
  • free of clinical infection and excessive slough
  • free of toxic chemicals, particles or fibres
  • at the optimum temperature for healing
  • undisturbed by the need for frequent changes
  • at the optimum pH value

Please ensure you order only what the patient requires and do not change the type of product used frequently to prevent large stocks building up in the patient's home.

Symptoms or signs of infection see Infected wounds

Choices of primary dressing depending on the type of wound see below:

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