The North & East Devon Formulary and Referral site supports accessibility on the Web.

Pages on this site use style sheets to control the design; when style sheets are not loaded, the page content is properly linear. The site avoids where possible those HTML elements which reduce accessibility, such as using tables for layouts or deprecated tags. All graphics have alternative text where appropriate.

Whilst every effort has been made to make this formulary accessible we acknowledge that we cannot test for every combination of software or every users needs. Therefore if you have any difficulties using this site please feel welcome to contact us so that we can work together to improve the site.

Change text size

You can change the text size on this website, making it bigger or smaller using your browser. For more information on this see the BBC website.

Changeable Colours

It is also possible to change the screen colours used from within your browser. The BBC website provides detailed guidance.

Search Box

There is a search box on all pages that allows you to search our website.

Breadcrumb trail

A breadcrumb trail has been provided to show you the path from the home page to where you are in the site. This is available on every page and you can click anywhere in the path to jump to that page.

Formulary colour coding

Drugs in the formulary are colour coded to aid selection. If you are having difficulty with the colour hover your mouse over the drug name and a description of the drug will appear.


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