COVID-19: Community Support Contact Details

Please follow the link below to a validated spread sheet that details the current position of all clinical services at the RD&E. This information is being provided by the RD&E and will be updated regularly.

RD&E Clinical Services Restoration update


Telephone: 01392 411611

Unnecessary Admission Avoidance

Community Support Line: advice line to support GPs, community teams, to include DPT colleagues, and care home staff in the care of adults, with or without multiple co-morbidities, long term conditions and frailty, regardless of COVID status

  • 01392 411611 and request 'Community Support Line'
  • staffed by a consultant of a general medical specialty
  • 9am-5pm Mon-Fri
  • Aim is to support pragmatic decision making and to avoid unnecessary admission to hospital
  • Requests for admission continue through the RDE Admissions Coordinator, as usual

Medical Admissions

  • 01392 404060

Surgical Admissions

  • 01392 408365

Emergency Department

  • 01392 402319/402303


  • 01392 404729

Gynaecology/Family Planning

Early pregnancy unit

  • 01392 406503

Frailty and Healthcare of the Elderly

Acute Care of Elderly Geriatrician line·

  • 07702 528762
  • For urgent advice regarding frailolder people, regarding admission avoidance or admission (COVID ornon-COVID)

Healthcare for Older People Advice &Guidance via email


  • West of England Eye Unit (WEEU) 01392 402399, 09:00 - 18:00.


Patient Access Diabetes Advice Line

  • NHS Diabetes Advice via Diabetes UK's support line on 0345 123 2399 Monday-Friday from 09:00 - 18:00

Publication Date: June 2020

Date updated: September 2020

Last updated: 21-09-2020


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