RD&E Community COVID-19 Remote Monitoring Service SOP

Please follow the link below to a validated spread sheet that details the current position of all clinical services at the RD&E. This information is being provided by the RD&E and will be updated weekly.

RD&E Clinical Services Restoration update

RD&E COVID-19 Remote Monitoring Service SOP can be found here. This service has been set up to monitor the symptoms of patients in the community with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 having either been tested in the community, positive test with discharge direct from AMU/ED or had early discharge following an inpatient stay.

This service will run 7 days a week (0800-1800 Monday - Friday and 08:00-12:00 at weekends).

The service will have consultant oversight. Consultant-led "Virtual Ward Rounds" will support the team doing home visits. Of particular interest to GPs will be page 4, which outlines the process and page 7, which shows which of the 7 community teams supports your practice area and their contact details. There are also the details of how those patients being discharged for end of life care will be managed under the expertise of this team.

Publication date: May 2020

Date updated: September 2020

Last updated: 21-09-2020


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