Neurology Services

Urgent Advice and Referral

North Devon Hospital:

Urgent Advice – 9am - 5pm Neurology Team can be contacted via Neurology secretaries: 01271 311585.

For out of hours urgent advice, the on-call consultant can be contacted via hospital switchboard: 01271 322577

Royal Devon and Exeter:

Urgent Advice - 9am-5pm, the Neurology Team can be contacted via neurology secretaries: Exeter: 01392 408730

For out of hours urgent advice, the on-call consultant can be contacted via hospital switchboards:

Exeter 01392: 411611

Contact details for alternative Devon Hospitals

Urgent Advice and Referral

Plymouth Hospital:

Acute Care Support Line for healthcare staff only:

Acute Care Support Line: 01752 437777 - From 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday

Torbay Hospital:

Urgent Referrals and Advice - For urgent enquiries, neurologists are happy to be contacted by GPs via neurology department (01803 655093/ 654827 or 655093) for discussion, although availability will vary depending upon other clinical commitments

Urgent Advice - The Torbay and South Devon Emergency Department advice line operates 24/7 and is available for advice and to discuss any patient who you feel needs to be seen urgently in the Emergency Department. Tel: 01803 654064

Red Flags

ED or 999 should continue to be used for life threatening injuries and illnesses.

Additional Information

This page provides service contact information for Neurology services in the four Devon Acute Trusts. Information has been provided for services accessible to healthcare professionals only for advice, guidance and potential referral.

Key Messages

  • This information has been provided to minimise Emergency Department referrals for patients where ED will add little value. ED referral is for any life or limb threatening illness or injury.
  • Units have redesigned services and workloads to support social distancing as much as possible for the safety of staff and patients.

Publication date: March 2021

Publication date: March 2021


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