Older People / Frailty Services

Urgent Advice and Referral

North Devon Hospital:

Royal Devon and Exeter:

Acute Geriatrician: 07702 528762 (Mon-Fri 09:00-17:00)

Advice and guidance for care of the elderly, and admission avoidance

Contact details for alternative Devon Hospitals

Urgent Advice and Referral

Plymouth Hospital:

Acute Care Support Line for healthcare staff only:

Acute Care Support Line: 01752 437777 - From 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday

Frailty & Elderly (consultant of the day): 01752 431909

Torbay Hospital:

Red Flags

ED or 999 should continue to be used for life threatening injuries and illnesses.

Additional Information

This page provides service contact information for Urgent Older People / Frailty Services in the four Devon Acute Trusts. Information has been provided for patient accessible services and healthcare professional contact numbers for advice, guidance and potential referral.

Key Messages

  • This information has been provided to minimise Emergency Department referrals for patients where ED will add little value. ED referral is for any life or limb threatening illness or injury.
  • Units have redesigned services and workloads to support social distancing as much as possible for the safety of staff and patients.

Publication date: March 2021

Publication date: March 2021


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