RD&E Pre-choice Triage/Advice & Guidance

Devon Clinical Commissioning Groups and Providers are looking at developing the most effective way of providing GPs with clinical advice for non urgent cases.

Currently alongside the assortment of email, letter, phone calls etc, there has been the introduction of both Pre-choice Triage (PCT) and Advice and Guidance using the e-Referral system. These functionalities are being rolled out across Devon at varying degrees by providers.

Advice and Guidance - A two way conversation on e-Referral (eRS) system directly between GP and Consultant. This allows the attachment of documents. If a subsequent referral is required, this is then requested by the GP through eRS/ DRSS. Please see here for instructions on how to use Advice & Guidance on NHS e-Referral.

Pre-choice Triage - Referral is reviewed on eRS by a medical/allied health professional prior to the patient phoning DRSS to make an appointment. The outcome may be signposting to a Secondary Service, advice for GP, upgrade to 2ww, straight to test. DRSS act on the response and book accordingly.

Pre-choice Triage Service provided by local hospital Advice & Guidance Service provided on eRS
Allergy Yes - provided by UHP
Biochemistry (Diagnostic Pathology/Blood Test) No Yes
Cardiology Yes Yes
Clinical Genetics Cancer No Yes
Clinical Genetics No Yes
Child & Adolescent - Medical Yes Yes
Child & Adolescent - Orthopaedics No



Yes No
Dermatology No Yes
Diabetic Medicine Yes Yes
ENT Yes No
Endocrinology Yes Yes
General Medicine No No
Geriatric Medicine No No
Upper GI No Yes
Lower GI Yes No
Gynaecology Yes


Gynaecology - Fertility No No
Haematology Yes Yes
Immunology No No
Immunology - Primary Immune Deficiency only
Yes - provided by UHP No
Microbiology (Infectious Diseases/NOS) No Yes
Nephrology Yes Yes
Neurology Yes Yes
Neurosurgery No No
Ophthalmology No No
Orthopaedics - Foot & Ankle Yes No
Orthopaedics - Hand & Wrist Yes


Orthopaedics - Hip Yes No
Orthopaedics - Knee Yes


Orthopaedics - Shoulder & Elbow Yes No
Orthopaedics - Spine Yes No
Pain Management Yes Yes
Podiatry - Diabetes No Yes
Respiratory Yes Yes
Rheumatology Yes No
Surgery Breast No No
Surgery - Not Otherwise Specified
No No
Surgery Plastics No No
Surgery Vascular No No
Surgery Vascular - Lymphoedema No No
No Yes

UHP - University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

Last updated: 15-06-2020


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