Vaccine Uptake - Health Professional Toolkit to support vaccination uptake

  • This page is to enable further support, guidance and signposting to providers in Devon who are contacting patients who did not attend (DNA) their vaccination appointment or have not responded when contacted for their vaccination appointment.
  • We have found that up to 40% of individuals are more likely to attend their vaccination if a GP / health professional calls the patient to go through their individual needs.
  • This toolkit is under development and will updated regularly. As providers of services we know you will make every effort to determine the specific needs of patients and make each contact count. We hope you find this toolkit useful.
  • If you require further information or guidance, or you feel there is missing guidance that would be beneficial please contact the NHS Devon Clinical Commissioning Group - and we will respond as quickly as possible.


For all latest Covid-19 guidance please visit the website: Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance and support - GOV.UK (

Toolkit to support your patients

1) Carer responsibilities

For individuals where there is no alternative carer to enable access to a vaccine site or unable to afford replacement care.


Regional / Local Guidance and organisations in Devon

2) Cognitive ability

For those individuals with a learning disability and dementia.


Regional / Local Guidance and organisations in Devon:

  • Learning Disabilities Flowchart for NHS Devon which includes details of your local learning disability primary care liaison nurse (PCLN) who is here to help. YOUR LEARNING DISABILITY PRIMARY CARE LIAISON NURSES (PCLNs) ARE HERE TO HELP AT ANYSTAGE They can be flexible to meet your patient’s and your vaccination centre’s needs. Contact them with any queries or for advice on capacity, consent, reasonable adjustments, sedation, non-engagement with appointment
  • Living Options Devon/Time to Talk Project - A free, confidential listening support and advice helpline, for those with a disability, long term health condition or Deaf people who use BSL.
  • Plymouth Highbury Trust – Supporting people with Learning Disabilities
  • Improving lives Plymouth – information, advice and support services for people with disabilities and long term conditions
  • Moments (Plymouth): An organisation who aims to support those living with dementia, providing top quality therapy and respite care
  • Devon Link Up (based in East Devon) is a service-led organisation for people with learning disabilities and autism in Devon.
  • Dimensions for Autism: Support to adults on the autism spectrum who do not have a learning disability in Devon. Access and support.
  • Devon County Council – Equality and Diversity Guide for Disability

3) Communication

For individuals where English is a second language, hard of hearing, deaf (sign language user) visual impairment, literacy needs and digital literacy.

National Guidance


NHS England free publications / materials on vaccinations in multiple languages:Covid-19 vaccine communication materials – in community languages:

Latest government guidance translated into 60 languages (Doctors of the World)

Public Health England (Covid-19 Vaccine Resources): Resources - Coronavirus Resource centre (
NHS Oxford University Videos in different languages.
(Also supports ‘browsealoud’)

Immunisation information for Migrants

The migrant immunisation information leaflet can be provided to anyone who has moved to the UK. It advises migrants on the need to register with a GP to get up to date with their routine vaccinations.

Easy Read:

Public Health England Easy Read – A guide to your Covid-19 vaccination:

Large Print:

Public Health England Large print version:

British Sign Language:

4) Community Support Services

Local community advice and support services and resources

  • Inclusive Exeter (Exeter based Community Interest Company) bringing communities together. Every Tuesday from 10:00 – 4:00pm there is an inclusive drop-in for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds to get informal help with form filling:

5) Emotional Safety

For individuals who have concerns about the process and what to expect and could have eligibility concerns with regards to checks that will be required

Regional / Local Guidance and organisations in Devon:

6) Financial Hardship

For those individuals experiencing financial hardship

Regional / Local Guidance and organisations in Devon:

Citizens Advice Devon: Seven local citizens advice charities in Devon which provide free, confidential and impartial advice to help people find a way forward, whatever problems they face.

Advice Plymouth: a formal consortium of not-for-profit advice agencies, commissioned by Plymouth City Council to deliver a co-ordinated advice and information service for the people of Plymouth.

7) Guidance to help reduce patients who do not attend their vaccination (DNA)

These documents are here to help reduce those patients who DNA in the first place by addressing key subjects such as raising awareness, accessibility, information systems, audit & monitoring.

COVID19 Connect and Exchange Hub - This Hub is for people passionate about increasing the uptake of the vaccine in all communities.

8) Mental Capacity

For individuals with a learning disability, dementia or may lack the mental capacity to make their own decisions about their care and treatment. This applies to those aged 16 and over.


NHS England and NHS Improvement:
  • National Guidance/Videos to support working with Equally Well and advocates of people with Serve Mental Illness

Regional / Local Guidance and organisations in Devon:

9) Phobias

For individuals with a needle phobia, Agoraphobia and other anxieties preventing access to vaccine sites

National Guidance

Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust: Overcoming your needle phobia (fear of needles)

10) Physical / Sensory Support

For individuals that may need support accessing sites and assistance with booking using digital booking systems.


Regional / Local Guidance and organisations in Devon:

Local vaccination site checklist:
  • Improving Lives Plymouth for individuals requiring information, advice and support services for people with disabilities and long-term health conditions.
  • The Plymouth Online Directory (POD) is a community-based directory with a focus on health, social and wellbeing services which includes Databases of voluntary / support services.
Local FAQs in Devon:

11) Pregnancy / breastfeeding and fertility concerns regards vaccine

12) Religious or spiritual requirements

For individuals who have concerns about vaccine content and religious observance days coinciding with 2nd dose.


Supporting COVID-19 - Vaccine uptake during Ramadan

Religious leaders have provided guidance on the permissibility for religious members.

Regional / Local Guidance and organisations in Devon:

Piety (Plymouth) – Plymouth Islamic Education Trust

All Nations Ministry (Plymouth)

Plymouth and Devon Racial Equality Council (PDREC)

Hikmat Devon CIC – Enabling and supporting minority ethnic communities in Devon

Devon County Council - Cultural competency Diversity Guide: Religion and belief – Equality and Diversity

13) Travel/Transport

For individuals that cannot access vaccination sites.

Regional / Local Guidance and organisations in Devon:

Devon Access to Services: Where to get information about transport in Devon

Access Plymouth (Restricted Services due to Covid) – Transport options for Plymouth

Totnes caring: Help and support to vulnerable, disabled and older people in the local community of Totnes and surrounding parishes.

14) Vaccine hesitant

For those individuals with a previous poor experience with a vaccination, underlying health conditions and a concern about the vaccine effort. Concerns about efficacy, mistrust of the system / services, safety, concern about side effects, apathy and a lack of information to make an informed choice.

Supporting Information

Published: April 2021

Updated: May 2021

Published: April 2021

Last updated: 18-05-2021


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