1.7.1 Soothing haemorrhoidal preparations

NHS England (NHSE) has published new prescribing guidance for various common conditions for which over-the-counter (OTC) items should not be routinely prescribed in primary care (quick reference guide). One of these conditions is haemorrhoids.

Many of these products are cheap to buy and are readily available OTC along with advice from pharmacies. Some self-care medicines are available from shops and supermarkets. Please click here for further information, exceptions, and a patient leaflet.

Please see the commissioning policy on The referral and specialist management of haemorrhoids in adults, which has been agreed by the CCGs in Devon.


(Balsam peru, bismuth oxide, (bismuth subgallate), and zinc oxide)

  • Cream (£2.45 = 23g)
  • Ointment (£2.45 = 25g)
  • Suppositories (£2.26 = 12)


  1. Prescribe by brand (to aid identification where products contain multiple ingredients, or to prevent confusion where multiple brands contain similar ingredients)


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