3.1.5 Peak flow meters, inhaler devices and nebulisers

Peak flow meters

Peak flow meter
  • Standard range, 60-800 litres/minute (£4.50)
  • Low range, 30-400 litres/minute (£6.50)


See the Inhaler technique reminder cards for information on the correct use of the devices included in the formulary. In children, metered dose inhlaer (MDI) via spacer is the preferred method of delivery of beta2 agonists or inhaled corticosteroids. Spacer devices may also be useful for adults and should be used whenever high dose MDI inhaled corticosteroids (ICS) (see Inhaled Corticosteroid Dose Comparison in Asthma) are required to reduce the risk of oral candidiasis.

Aerochamber Plus® (medium-volume spacer device)
  • Standard spacer device (blue) (£4.90 without mask, £8.17 with mask)
  • Infant spacer device (orange) (£8.17 with mask)
  • Child spacer device (yellow) (£8.17 with mask)
Anti-Static Space Chamber Plus® (medium-volume spacer device)
  • Standard or compact spacer device (£4.45 without mask, £7.45 with small, medium or large mask)
Volumatic® (large-volume spacer device)
  • Spacer device (£3.88 without mask, £6.83 with paediatric mask)

Haleraid® is a device to place over pressurised (aerosol) inhalers to aid when strength in hands is impaired (e.g. in arthritis). It is not prescribable on NHS but can be purchased.

Nebuliser diluent

Sodium chloride nebuliser solution
  • Saline steripoule® nebuliser solution 0.9% 2.5ml (£13.52 = 20 x 2.5ml)


  1. See here for notes on nebulised therapy

Hypertonic sodium chloride

Hypertonic sodium chloride nebuliser solution
  • MucoClear® 3% (£27.00 = 60 units x 4ml)
  • Resp-Ease® 7% (£21.60 = 60 units x 4ml)


  1. Consultant initiated


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