Paediatrics 2ww

This guidance covers the referral method for children and young people who present with symptoms and signs of cancer to a paediatrician or a specialist children's cancer service, if appropriate.

For clinical referral guidance on other paediatric conditions, please use the link below:

Children and Adolescents


Referral Instructions

Please make referral direct to Paediatric Team by telephone as this service is not provided on e-Referrals.

Consider referral when:

  • a child or young person presents with persistent back pain (an examination is needed and a full blood count and blood film)
  • there is persistent parental anxiety which is sufficient reason for referral, even where a benign cause is considered most likely

Take into account parental insight and knowledge when considering urgent referral

A 2ww Referral should be made when:

  • a child or young person presents several times (for example, three or more times) with the same problem, but with no clear diagnosis (investigations should also be carried out).

For Exeter: The RD&E paediatric contacts are:

  • Dr Simon Parke Consultant Paediatrician
  • Dr Corinne Hayes Consultant Paediatrician
  • Contact number: 01392 402684

Referral Forms

For Musgrove Park:

Last updated: 14-03-2023


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