Paediatric Bladder & Bowel Service


The paediatric bladder and bowel service (PBBCS) is a team of specialist children's nurses who provide treatment, support and advice for children with bladder and bowel difficulties.

They specialise in the treatment of constipation, daytime wetting and nocturnal enuresis (night-time wetting).

The service provides:

  • A continence promotion service for children with additional needs
  • Sees and assess children who are eligible for continence products because of their learning or physical disability
  • Provide toilet training / healthy bladder and bowel advice to schools and pre-schools
  • Teaches parents specialised treatments, such as intermittent catheterisation and trans-anal irrigation to manage their child's bladder and bowel.

Children can be referred to the specialist service by a Health Care Professional

The paediatric bladder and bowel care service provide specialist training, education and support to primary and community care staff

​Red Flags

NICE clinical guideline CG99 on constipation in children and young people recommends that children and young people with 'red flag' symptoms that indicate an underlying disorder or condition that is not idiopathic constipation should be referred urgently to a healthcare professional with experience in the specific aspect of child health that is causing concern.



This would normally be undertaken by nurses competent in providing advice and information on nocturnal enuresis, constipation and toilet training problems. These could be school nurses, health visitors or community nurses, but would also include GPs.

This includes basic advice e.g. signposting to ERIC, and support, for example, to help promote "healthy" bladders and bowels – to reduce the risk of problems, such as constipation, developing, or, once developed, being missed.

The Paediatric Bladder and Bowel Care Service (PBBCS)

The PBBCS assesses and treats children and young people with Idiopathic Constipation, Day and Night time wetting, and those children with special needs whose toileting has been delayed and has more complex bladder/bowel problems.

Onward referral to Consultant Paediatrician/Consultant Paediatric Urologist if red flags present/medical review


Referral Instructions:

Please email referrals to

If further guidance around appropriate referrals to the PBBCS is required the service can be contacted at:

Paediatric Bladder & Bowel Care Service

Franklyn House

Franklin Drive



Tel: 01392 208044


Supporting Information

Patient Information

ERIC - The children's continence charity

Pathway Group

This guideline has been signed off on behalf of the NHS Devon Clinical Commissioning Group.

Publication Date: April 2019


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