Mental Capacity Information

Mental Capacity Act

Patients who lack mental capacity to make decisions about their treatment have a legal right to an advocate in certain circumstances. When this arises in primary practice, GPs have a legal duty under the Mental Capacity Act 2005 to refer for an independent mental capacity advocate (IMCA)."

IMCA for GPs

"The capacity assessment referral form developed by NEW Devon CCG with the support of Devon LMC can be given out by surgeries to anyone (social worker, solicitor or other professional) requesting a GP to complete a capacity assessment. The form is designed as an aid to GPs to ensure they have enough information about the request to decide whether they are the most appropriate person to complete the assessment. The form is not compulsory."

Devon and Torbay IMCA service

British Medical Association (BMA) Mental capacity toolkit

Mental Capacity Act code of practice

Mental Capacity Act toolkit and MCA assessment form

Mental Capacity Act (MCA) 2005 questionnaire for General Practice and Out of Hours Services

NHS Choices - What is the Mental Capacity Act?

Social Care Institute for Excellence - Mental Capacity Act 2005 resources and services

Social Care Institute for Excellence - Mental Capacity assessment tools

Vulnerability, Mental Capacity and Self-Neglect

Advances Decisions

Advances Decision to refuse treatment

Involving patients and families in decisions about DNACPR

Resuscitation Council - Decisions relating to Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Assessing Capacity

Capacity to consent to sex

Capacity to make a will

Court of Protection (COP) guidance on mental capacity to appoint an Lasting Power of Attorney ("LPA")

Mental Capacity Assessment information - NEW Devon CCG

Up to date guidance on consent

Cervical screening ceasing MCA

Cervical screening ceasing MCA form

Confidentiality and MCA

General Medical Capacity - Confidentiality and MCA

Deprivation of liberty safeguards

Covert medication and deprivation of liberty

Deprivation of liberty safeguarding - coroner update

Information for carers and family of people with LD

hft - Information for carers and family of people with LD

mencap - Mental Capacity Act resource pack

Supporting Information

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Updated: July 2021

Last updated: 05-07-2021


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