Single Clinical Referral Guidance for all Devon Fertility referrals

Following two pan Devon meetings in 2017 with representation from Fertility and Pathology consultants from all Acute Trusts and the LMC, there is now agreement on a single set of mandatory criteria to be used in all referrals to the fertility service.

Previously each locality had its own requirement for Fertility referrals and South Devon and Torbay had no official requirement at all. Needless to say this was confusing, inefficient and inequitable.

The pathology labs are aware of this change and in Plymouth have already modified their ICE system to take account of it. Fewer tests are required in Primary Care so there should be reduced GP and practice nurse workload.

The new CRG can be accessed on through these links:

The main changes are:

  • Mandated use of Proforma
  • Mandatory BMI/smoking status for female partner only
  • No need for Rubella serology
  • AMH replaced with LH/FSH

IF periods irregular:

  • No need for progesterone on day 21 or complex alternative blood testing
  • Single semen sample unless first abnormal (Western used to require 2)
  • No need for chlamydia swab (Previous Eastern requirement)

There has also been some minor modification to the Fertility policy.

Fertility - Initial Investigations prior to referral form

For individual GP clinical systems referral forms, please see:

This is a new guideline for South Devon & Torbay CCG and implementation is due to commence on Monday 5 February 2018.

Published: 19 January 2018


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