AccEPT Clinic (Accessing Evidenced Based Psychological Therapies) Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy


The AccEPT Clinic offers treatment for Depression. Our mainstream therapy is Mindfulness Based-Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) for recurrent depression. We also offer other treatments which are dependent on the research we are conducting within the centre. We do not offer treatment for anxiety, where anxiety is the primary problem.

AccEPT Clinic - Inclusion criteria

  • have experience of several episodes of depression
  • not be currently depressed (you may still experience possible residual symptoms)
  • be 18 and over
  • motivated and able to engage in MBCT
    • Age: People age 18 and over. No upper age limit
    • Primary diagnosis: History of recurrent depression but are currently well. Aimed at patients wanting to find ways of preventing relapse and relating differently to thoughts.
    • Risk: We do not accept people who are experiencing suicidal thinking &/or mild self-harm.
    • Co-occurring problems: Our groups are for people seeking help with depression but we do accept people who co-occurring problems as long as they are able to benefit from psychological therapy for depression.
    • Prioritisation: Not applicable.

Out of scope

The AccEPT Clinic is well equipped to provide evidence-based psychological therapy for people with primary depression in a primary care context. We unfortunately do not provide general / emotional support. It is not a specialist mental health service and is staffed by psychological therapists only.

AccEPT Clinic - Exclusion criteria

  • Current Depression
  • Current substance dependence;
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Current psychosis
  • Organic brain damage
  • Behaviour posing risk to self
  • Staff or other patients which cannot be managed within the clinic setting
  • Currently involved in psychotherapy or counselling
  • Significant longstanding interpersonal difficulties (personality disorder) that require specialist and longer-term psychological treatment

​Red Flags

Devon Depression and Anxiety Service is a planned treatment service and does not operate an emergency or out of hours service. If you think you need urgent help either contact your GP or call 111, or attend your nearest Emergency Department in a crisis.


What is MBCT?

Mindfulness involves intentionally stepping out of automatic pilot to be present, aware and responsive. The attention has a quality of curiosity, patience, spaciousness and care.

The 8 week course includes information about depression as well as cognitive therapy-based exercises linking thinking and its resulting impact on feeling. The group-based course is suitable for people with a history of recurrent depression (usually 3 or more previous episodes of depression), who are currently well, wishing to learn tools and techniques focusing on prevention and learning how to take care of themselves. People who have gone through an MBCT course say it can halt the downward spiral into depression. They also describe how the course helped them to develop a more accepting relationship to bodily sensations, feelings and thoughts. Finally, people say they value meeting other people in the group with whom they have a lot in common.

What does the therapy involve?

The course consists of an individual orientation session followed by eight weekly two and a ¼ hour sessions and reunion sessions. Reunions are available to past and current participants of MBCT and MBSR classes. They are an opportunity to engage with other participants and a great refresher to help encourage practice.

Participating in the mindfulness courses requires an on-going commitment. Participants will be asked to attend all sessions, and to practice daily home assignments for approximately 40 minutes per day.

Each group lasts for 8 weeks with weekly attendance for a 2 hours and 15 minute session.

How often, when and where do the groups run?

We offer groups in four locations;

  • Exeter
  • Honiton (East Devon)
  • Tavistock (West Devon)
    • The Honiton and Tavistock groups are run in community and health based centres
  • Barnstaple (North Devon)
    • The North Devon groups are held at the Barnstaple Library


Referral Criteria

We accept referrals from GP's and Depression and Anxiety Services.

These can be sent via email to


posted to AccEPT Clinic, Mood Disorders Centre, Sir Henry Wellcome Building, University of Exeter, Exeter, Devon, EX4 4QG.

Please click the links to either access the referral information or our referral form.

Please ensure that the forms are completed with as much information as possible to ensure that we are able to direct and advise the referral appropriately.

Supporting Information

Patient Information

You can find out more about MBCT and mindfulness approaches via these websites and resources:

Contact us

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Communication Needs: If you have specific communication needs please visit our accessible information page

Pathway Group

This guideline has been signed off by the Northern Locality on behalf of NHS Devon CCG.

Publication date: May 2017


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