Breast reduction surgery

This is a summary of the NHS Devon commissioning policy for breast reduction surgery.


Referral Criteria

Breast reduction surgery is not routinely commissioned in Devon.

This policy does not apply to therapeutic mammoplasty for breast cancer treatment or contralateral (other side) surgery following breast cancer surgery. Under normal circumstances the surgery is commissioned when it is part of an ongoing package of treatment for breast cancer, including where the patient has chosen to defer taking a decision on the surgery. Once the patient has been discharged from this treatment plan further procedures are not routinely commissioned.

Referral Instructions

Where the circumstances of treatment for an individual patient do not meet the criteria described above exceptional funding can be sought. Individual cases will be reviewed by the appropriate panel of NHS Devon upon receipt of a completed application from the patient's GP, consultant or clinician. Applications cannot be considered from patients personally.

Click here for further information on the Exceptional /Individual Funding Requests (IFR)

Supporting Information

Patient Information

Breast reduction surgery - clinical policy patient support information

Date of publication: 28 May 2019


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