Dupuytren's contracture treatment

This is a summary of the NHS Devon commissioning policy for Dupuytren's contracture treatment

Supporting referral guidelines

Northern and Eastern Dupuytren's clinical referral guideline


Referral Criteria

Treatment is not commissioned in cases where there is no contracture, and in patients with mild (less than 20°) contractures, or one which is not progressing and does not impair function.

Refer to Hand Clinic

Surgical intervention (needle fasciotomy, fasciectomy and dermofasciectomy) is commissioned for:

  • a) Finger contractures causing loss of finger extension of 30° or more at the metacarpophalangeal joint or 20° at the proximal interphalangeal joint


  • b) Severe thumb contractures which interfere with function

(For further information see link to the NHS Devon Dupuytren's Contracture Treatment commissioning policy)

Exceptional /Individual Funding Requests (IFR)

Supporting Information

Patient Information

Individual Funding Request (IFR) Patient information leaflet

Publication date: March 2017

Updated March 2020

Last updated: 01-03-2020


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