ADHD and Autism FAQ

NHS Devon Integrated Care Systems (ICS) is aware that patients are approaching GPs requesting referrals to providers under their right to choose for an ADHD assessment.

Some practices have recently raised specific queries with NHS Devon ICS in relation to right to choose for both ADHD and ASC assessments.

The Right to Choose will apply when the following criteria is met:

  • The patient has an elective referral for a first outpatient appointment
  • The patient is referred by a GP
  • The referral is clinically appropriate
  • The provider has a commissioned contract with any ICS or NHS England for the required services.

To confirm, where all of the above criteria apply, GPs can refer direct to the provider chosen by the patient. In these circumstances, GPs do not need to submit an Individual Funding Request to the NHS Devon ICS.

NHS Devon are aware of the following right to choose providers, this list is updated regularly:

Colleagues at the LMC would like to remind GPs, the approved shared care agreements for some adult ADHD medications in Devon were agreed between the LMC, NHS Devon, Livewell Southwest and Devon Partnership Trust and are not currently used by other eligible Right to Choose providers. The LMC can only support the use of adult ADHD Shared Care Arrangements with Livewell Southwest and Devon Partnership Trust. Any Shared Care Arrangements with other eligible Right to Choose providers is optional on a case by case basis and is directly between the clinician and the provider.

Devon Partnership NHS Trust

If you have any queries, please contact the Learning Disabilities and Autism Commissioning Team

Last updated: 06-02-2023


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