GP Guidance: Using the Consultant Connect App to take secure clinical images using your smartphone

NHS Devon has commissioned a secure clinical image app called PhotoSAF for use by primary health care professionals across Devon.

The app enables personal mobile devices and smart phones to be used securely to take and transfer patient images quickly and easily into clinical systems.

Consultant Connect PhotoSAF app

To enable more patients to be managed remotely, and to streamline patients to the correct outpatient services, you can use the app to;

  • take and attach images to Advice and Guidance requests e.g. teledermatology (see below)
  • take and attach images to patient referrals where appropriate (2WW and general outpatient referrals)

The app is produced by Consultant Connect ® and has been commissioned as a stand-alone tool to supplement (not replace) existing NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS) pathways.

Wider Consultant Connect services (telephone and Advice and Guidance) are not included in this commissioning arrangement.

Following a recent practice audit the CCG is purchasing a supply of dermatascopes and training manuals for practices who may wish to use them free of charge. Further information will be issued when they are available.

Key points

  • The Consultant Connect app is free for Devon GPs and teams to download and use on personal smartphones to access the PhotoSAF.
  • The PhotoSAF feature allows health care professionals to take secure clinical photos which are not stored on the mobile device.
  • The patient NHS number is recorded, and additional notes can be added by voice dictation or typing.
  • Images are automatically stored in an IG secure and GDPR compliant cloud where they can be accessed from a desktop computer.
  • The images and notes can be automatically sent to your email address.
  • The app can be used to quickly capture a range of clinical information e.g. skin lesions, rashes, wounds, cellulitis, clinical reports, ECGs, patient-questionnaires.
  • The app can be used to aid monitoring of wounds and leg ulcers in the community.

​How to use

1. Download the app and register

For service support please call 01865 261467 or email:

2. Open app and click PhotoSAF icon at bottom of screen

3. Confirm patient has given consent for images and use agreed local consent policy. If sending images through Devon teledermatology Advice and Guidance services (below) please use local consent form, take a photo of the signed consent form and send with images.

4. Take images and click 'use photo'

5. Enter NHS number and click 'Next'

6. Add notes if required, using smartphone microphone icon or typing.

7. Click 'Save' and choose 'save without sharing'

8. Photos will be saved to the Consultant Connect secure cloud and will simultaneously be sent to your email (email copies can be disabled through Profile – Settings – Notifications).

9. Images, or PDFs (with images and notes) can be downloaded as required by you or your administrative staff from the Consultant Connect cloud using secure log in details.



Last updated: 28-09-2022


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